What is health Insurance.

What is health Insurance.

Health insurance is an insurance plan offered by insurance companies which wll covers all the costs and expenses which are related to the medical expenses. This type of insurance plan is bought for an individual as well as for a whole entire whole family. Term for Health insurance is fixed at one year and in often cases, we can buy a plan with the term of two or three years as well as too. Health insurance is a very good choice in case of any emergency, we can treat our beloved ones at good without worrying for financial costs.

How It works?

  • Health insurance plan takes cares of the whole expense of hospital subject to long terms and rules of health insurance policy. That insurance plan overlay before and after hospital expense too.
  • They also have a cashless treatment available by which you will get the bestest medical care’s at any sponsored hospital network of their choice and all the treatment expense bills to your treatment is done from the company by itself. In this way, the injured can gets operated immediately without waiting for the funds to be arranged.


Eligibility Criteria For Health Insurance Plan!

As discussed earlier, health insurance plan protects our and our’s family health and provides financial security against emergencies. If you go for individual or family health plan, there are some conditions which we have to fullfill in order to join this health insurance plan. Which are discuessed below,

  • Age Criteria

Minimum entry Age criteria for adults in health insurance plan is 18 years old and there is no maximum age boundries. In some polices, the entry age criteria is ristricted from 18 years to 65years.


  • Other Criteria

Further, Health Insurance companies want themselves to be sured that you are worthy to them and doesn’t come with a risk to them. So in order to remain safe, the insurance company will check your medically and physically in order to sell their suitable health plans. They check your for,

  1. Life Styles Diseases
  2. Smoking and Drinking
  3. Pre-existing Diseases


Major Advantages of Health Plans

Health insurnace policy plan comes with huge Advantages and features with out compromising at any aspect of our health.

  1. Pre and Post Hospitalisation

Health insurance will not only pays for our full hospitalisation expense but also pays for pre post hospitalisation expense like expense on diagnostics, pharmacy etc.


  1. Cashless Hospitalisation

All health plans enable us free hospitalisation feature where we can get admitted in any network hospital and wont pay bills from our own pocket. The treatment cost will be settled down between the local of hospital and the insurance company.


  1. Save Money

Medical costs a lot of money but with a comprehensive health insurance plan, majority of our health expense will be paid by the insurance company.

  1. No Claim Bonus

If you don’t case for claims in a given policies year, the subsequent year will make you earn no claim bonus which start at 5% increase and gets up to 150% during the subsequent years


  1. Critical Illness Rider

Health Insurance plans comes with cover to critical illness like cancer, paralysis,kidney failur, diabetes and usually all those illness which treatment’s causes a lot of money will pay for the mentioned disease but we have to pay additionally for new rider.


  1. Day Care Procedures

Some medical treatments which is chemotherapy and dialysis may not require 24 hours. For such day care expense, the insurance company has special offers and privision for you that you wont get paid by your resources


  1. Senior Citizen Plan

When peoples gets old, there are a lot of medical complication and problems occures. And will require best medical checkup. Health insurance plan also help you to meet all costs related to health related issues in old age.


  1. Annual Health Checkup

Many insurers companies offers free annual health checkups. These annual checkups can be conducted to the elected centers only and the insurer will pay directyly to the center directly.


From the above discussion, we concluded that health insurance policy plays a very major role in  health sector of individual as well as family. So health insurance plan should be done as soon so for the healthier position of your beloved ones


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